[Review] Halloween 2: The Reboot

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There are things that could be construed as spoilers ahead, so please, consider yourself warned.

Date night is a rare occurrence these days. Especially when you have an eleven-month-old who is sprouting inches as fast as she’s sprouting teeth. This past weekend Daria and I treated ourselves to a much-needed break from parenthood. We got a baby sitter and decided to spend our child free time with dinner and a movie. Thankfully society has caught up with making this experience easy as pie with AMC’s “Fork and Screen” (Which just sounds stupid to me, couldn’t they have just called it AMC’s Dinner and a Movie? I digress.).

Now you would think we would spend this time watching a romantic comedy, or some period drama.

Hell no. This is the Pizzuto household. We went to see the reboot, sequel to everyone’s seasonally appropriate horror flick… Halloween.

Now, I shared some thoughts on this back when the first trailer dropped and if I recall (yeah I know I could re-read it but why take the suspense away) I wasn’t too crazy about a redo. I’ve now come to accept this movie as the sequel we never got but always (thought we) wanted.

The story takes place 40 years after the incidents in Haddonfield, IL that left several babysitters dead in the wake of a maniac with sister-issues. On the anniversary of this gruesome event, Michael Myers is scheduled for a prison transfer (because, why not start a horror film with such an original idea). As you would suspect, there’s a bit of a kerfuffle on the bus ride to his new home and hilarity ensues. Michael gets his aged William Shatner mask back, and the search for Laurie Strode goes into full effect.

Snarkyness aside this actually wasn’t an awful movie. And the fact that they rolled a hard six and effectively rerwrote all the other sequels was pretty friggin’ impressive. While the story itself offered nothing to catapult the genre forward, it certainly was entertaining. There were collective breath holds and gasps throughout the theatre during several rather intense scenes. The ending, could certainly be left open to additional “episodes” in the Halloween series, however I honestly hope they choose to let Michael Myers finally rest in peace.

I’ll give it four stars. If they make a sequel to this though I’ll tank the hell out of that rating.

Side note – after several gratuitous death scenes, I think I owe Dr. Pizzuto something a little lighter next date night. Suggestions?

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