[Trailer] Sometimes dead is bettah – new Pet Sematary trailer drops

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Good morning geekies and welcome to your Thursday.

Yesterday was exciting as we got to see our first trailer for the remake of Stephen King’s fright fest, Pet Sematary, which originally scared the shit out of us back in 1989.

The trailer looks fun, and similar to this Summer’s blockbuster IT, I think we’re going to see some creative licenses taken with the timing, setting and even storyline. As a King purest that kind of irks me a bit… I really wish they had kept it in 1954 versus the 80s. There’s something magically mysterious and frightening about that era that we lost when we “updated” King’s classic. I understand why it was done, but it doesn’t mean it was the right move.

I fear we’re going to get that with Pet Sematary. The only redemption being if they can top the scene with Zelda, the spinal meningitis cursed sister who haunted my dreams from 1989 to 1993. Just thinking about her now makes me want to pee my pants.

Pet Sematary holds a special place in my heart for many reasons.

  1. I grew up in the area where they shot the film, and I remember the commotion it caused as well as the tour my Nana would take me on to see all the sets. Hancock County turned into Hollywood for a short period of time and it was excellent.
  2. Pet Sematary was the first Stephen King book I read (circa 1980 something) and is in my top five King books of all time (we’ll reserve the other four for a different post).
  3. It’s one of the few Stephen King movies that has an actor who can pull off a Maine accent. RIP Gwyn. John Lithgow’s Jud Crandall is an underwhelming Downeaster if I ever saw one. #Boo. #Sad. #MakeJudCrandallGreatAgain.

What do you think about the new trailer? Will it meet your scare-pectations? Are you missing Fred Gwyn’s Downeast Maine accent?


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