2018 November

[Review] Netflix’s Haunting of Hill House literally made me pee my pants

Okay, not really. Pretty damn close though. That’s mostly self-inflicted as I like to go all out when I watch something scary (which is frequently) – lights out, curtains closed, middle of the night on a gigantic television so close to me that I’m emulating the effects of an IMAX experience in my living room… yeah… I go big or go home… wait… I’m already home… never mind. I stumbled on Netflix’s Haunting of Hill House...

[Review] Netflix goes docuscary with Haunted… or at least tries

Hi geekies! Sorry it’s been so long between posts. I’ve been travelling so much lately I’m beginning to be on a first name basis with the OTG waiters at Newark/Liberty International Airport.  While this is a great way for me to achieve George Clooney status on United, it’s also given me the chance to catch up (read: binge on many hour flights) on my Netflix and Hulu queues. Being a super fan of horror, my...

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