FilmHappy Death Day gets a sequel… why not?

Anthony Pizzuto2 years ago133842 min

Not only did Halloween 2018 bring us some good ol’ fashion blood and gore this weekend, it also brought a surprising trailer for the sequel (who guessed) to Happy Death Day. Titled, logically, Happy Death Day 2U, the film looks like a literal regurgitation of the first film – which, for all intents and purposes was pretty damn fun, however giving it a sequel seems a little too much and based on the collective groans from the audience, I don’t think I’m alone in this camp.

That all being said, our friends at shared the new artwork – which they say is fugly – I hate to say it but I have to agree. Sorry artist whoever you are.

Almost as unfortunate as the artwork for the poster is the fact that the trailer is exclusive to theatres (and Halloween). Hopefully, it’ll be online in the next few weeks so you can rack your brain against the wall asking… why? Like the first one, this will be produced by Hollywood horror powerhouse Jason Blum.

Seize the death day,


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