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Hi geekies! Sorry it’s been so long between posts. I’ve been travelling so much lately I’m beginning to be on a first name basis with the OTG waiters at Newark/Liberty International Airport.  While this is a great way for me to achieve George Clooney status on United, it’s also given me the chance to catch up (read: binge on many hour flights) on my Netflix and Hulu queues. Being a super fan of horror, my...


There are things that could be construed as spoilers ahead, so please, consider yourself warned. Date night is a rare occurrence these days. Especially when you have an eleven-month-old who is sprouting inches as fast as she’s sprouting teeth. This past weekend Daria and I treated ourselves to a much-needed break from parenthood. We got a baby sitter and decided to spend our child free time with dinner and a movie. Thankfully society has caught...


Let me begin with: if you haven’t seen Rogue One, there’s going to be spoilers below. So stop reading, watch the movie, then come back. Okay are you done? Okay let’s go. I’m a huge fan of Rogue One. In fact, it’s possibly my favorite Star Wars movie. It’s the prequel to Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, it has a fun Oceans 11 vibe, Vader kicks some sweet rebel ass at the end,...


FilmSolo? So Good!

Anthony Pizzuto12 months ago1225219 min

There are spoilers in the following love letter to LFL so let this be your notice. Wow. I can’t believe it’s been seven months since my last blog post. And even more wow, I can’t believe my first one back is going to be a review of Solo: A Star Wars story. Yes, that’s right – I’m going to review a movie here on what was a platform for me to opine about business trends...

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Geeky a Go Go was the brain child of Anthony Pizzuto, and was really just a way for him to become a "micro influencer" and a way to boost his ego. It has since grown into a multi-headed alien from the Outer Rim - nowhere near as cool as The Nerdist, but pretty damn close.


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