Godzilla Minus One Review! [Geeky a Go Go Podcast]

Avatar photo Geeky a Go Go7 months agon/a9 min

ROAR! Welcome back to the Geeky a Go Go! Join AP, Chris, Eric, and Tim (who’s back from Disney World), as they continue the Godzilla theme from the last episode with a review of the recently released Godzilla Minus One movie.

Tune in to find out if you should go check out the movie this weekend! Spoiler warning – while the Geeks won’t go into too much detail, proceed at your own risk.

Watcha Watchin’ this week:

Tim: Beard Meets Food

Eric: Great British Bake Off and Squid Games: The Challenge

Nitro: Encounters and Obliterated

AP: Silent Night, Deadly Night and Good Boy

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