[Review] Halloween 2: The Reboot

There are things that could be construed as spoilers ahead, so please, consider yourself warned. Date night is a rare occurrence these days. Especially when you have an eleven-month-old who is sprouting inches as fast as she’s sprouting teeth. This past weekend Daria and I treated ourselves to a much-needed break from parenthood. We got a baby sitter and decided to spend our child free time with dinner and a movie. Thankfully society has caught...

ET’s Exclusive Halloween photo makes me feel good about this redo of the redo

Entertainment Weekly shared an exclusive photo from the upcoming Halloween (2018) sequel, and while the image is simply our original 1978 heroine Jamie Lee Curtis in 2018, it gives me a sense of calm. After all, this is the second “reboot” of an amazing 70’s and 80’s franchise. Rob Zombie brought the franchise back in 2007 with a re-envisioning of the film that spawned a 2009 sequel. Both movies weren’t that bad, however, I’m not...

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