Who’s the villain in Luke Cage season 2 on Netflix?

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Bushmaster from Power Man

Meet Bushmaster! A powerful adversary that can go blow for blow with Harlem’s hero, Luke Cage.

Since we don’t know too much about him yet in the MCU, here’s what we know from the comics

Quick info on Bushmaster in Marvel comics:

  • Real Name: John McIver.
  • Alisas: John Bushmaster, Bushmaster.
  • Powers: Super strength, Power Absorption – He can absorb the powers of those around him.
  • From: Unknown Caribbean Island.
  • First Appearance: Iron Fist #15

Bushmaster in this form is a bit of a deep cut from the Marvel comics. He has appeared in only 6 issues between 1977-1993.

Now there are 2 different versions of Bushmaster in the comics, we are covering this one since it’s most likely the closest to the one we see in the trailer. The second version of Bushmaster is a really weird half snake dude with a venomous fang coming out of each fist. Even though the snake version of Bushmaster has appeared in more comics (24 total), they mostly are Captain America titles.

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