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The sequel we’ve been waiting for since 1989 is coming to theatres summer of 2020. Directed by Jason Reitman (yes, son of original director Ivan Reitman) very few details of the film are out yet, including cast. Fingers crossed we’ll get to see some of the OGBs reprising their roles at last! For now, enjoy the trailer!


Okay, not really. Pretty damn close though. That’s mostly self-inflicted as I like to go all out when I watch something scary (which is frequently) – lights out, curtains closed, middle of the night on a gigantic television so close to me that I’m emulating the effects of an IMAX experience in my living room… yeah… I go big or go home… wait… I’m already home… never mind. I stumbled on Netflix’s Haunting of Hill House...


Hi geekies! Sorry it’s been so long between posts. I’ve been travelling so much lately I’m beginning to be on a first name basis with the OTG waiters at Newark/Liberty International Airport.  While this is a great way for me to achieve George Clooney status on United, it’s also given me the chance to catch up (read: binge on many hour flights) on my Netflix and Hulu queues. Being a super fan of horror, my...


Not only did Halloween 2018 bring us some good ol’ fashion blood and gore this weekend, it also brought a surprising trailer for the sequel (who guessed) to Happy Death Day. Titled, logically, Happy Death Day 2U, the film looks like a literal regurgitation of the first film – which, for all intents and purposes was pretty damn fun, however giving it a sequel seems a little too much and based on the collective groans...


There are things that could be construed as spoilers ahead, so please, consider yourself warned. Date night is a rare occurrence these days. Especially when you have an eleven-month-old who is sprouting inches as fast as she’s sprouting teeth. This past weekend Daria and I treated ourselves to a much-needed break from parenthood. We got a baby sitter and decided to spend our child free time with dinner and a movie. Thankfully society has caught...


Good morning geekies and welcome to your Thursday. Yesterday was exciting as we got to see our first trailer for the remake of Stephen King’s fright fest, Pet Sematary, which originally scared the shit out of us back in 1989. The trailer looks fun, and similar to this Summer’s blockbuster IT, I think we’re going to see some creative licenses taken with the timing, setting and even storyline. As a King purest that kind of irks...

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