The Acolyte Episode 3 Recap, Underwhelming Netflix Films and More This Week on Whatcha’ Watchin’

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Nitro and AP are dining at the Scotchwood Diner in Scotch Plains, NJ this week kicking things off with some dad jokes and inappropriate commentary on Eric’s food poisoning. Nitro spills the beans on an unforgettable Ghostbusters Day event while AP recounts his work trip to beautiful St. John, New Brunswick before diving into some inspirational “go get ems” by Nitro to turn his AP’s home maintenance challenges, like those pesky decorative finials and rogue branches, into YouTube gold. Expect laughter, solid advice, and a pinch of relatable home improvement woes.

Next, we crank up the geek factor with a riveting discussion on Star Wars The Acolyte episode 3! Our collective enthusiasm bumps the show’s rating to 3.5 as we dissect the early episodes and potential twists and turns. This week we meet a new breed of witches and speculate wildly on Sith origins dating back to 5000 BBY. We even question the Jedi’s moral high ground with some eyebrow-raising actions, like the burning of the coven’s headquarters and the dramatic rescue of Osha. From rule-bending Jedi to strict code followers, we delve into the complexities that make the Star Wars universe endlessly fascinating.

Finally, we vent our frustrations over two underwhelming Netflix films. “The Block Island Sound” lured us in with its eerie synopsis but dismayed us with a lackluster alien narrative. Meanwhile, “Damsel,” despite its promising medieval setup and Millie Bobby Brown’s star power, failed to hit the mark. Both films left us wanting more, and we’re here to share why they might not be worth your watchlist.

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