The Acolyte, Darth Plagueis, Voter ID Issues and More This Week on Whatcha’ Watchin’

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Have you ever wondered why some Star Wars series fly high like the Millennium Falcon while others crash harder than a podracer? Well grab a seat, and a drink and join us on location at The Rise N’ Shine restaurant where the geeks debate if “The Acolyte” is the Star Wars series we’ve been looking for.

This episode is loaded with our spirited critiques of recent Star Wars offerings, from the highly praised “Andor” to the less favored “Obi-Wan Kenobi” and “The Book of Boba Fett.” We dive into the fresh narrative approach of the two-episode premiere of “The Acolyte” set a hundred years before the Empire, complete with force-fu-style action sequences that have us all drawing parallels to “The Matrix.” Plus, you won’t want to miss a bet between AP and Eric about the fate of Carrie Ann Moss’s character.

From the potential canonization of Darth Plagueis to the visual representation of Jedi in new settings, our discussion is packed with all kinds of speculation. We dive into everything from the idea of local Jedi temples to the technical aspects of filmmaking, like green screen usage versus on-location filming. Wrapping it up, we explore the narrative techniques in mystery and sci-fi storytelling, drawing parallels to films like “Knives Out,” and discuss the merchandising potential of new characters like Pip from “The Acolyte.”

Tune in for a mix of humor, in-depth analysis, and genuine Star Wars love.

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