Acolyte Episode 4, Bad Dad Jokes and Not All Plo Koons are Plo Koon this Week on Whatcha’ Watchin’

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Spoilers for Acolyte Episode 4 and The First Omen in this episode. You’ve been warned!

Can dad jokes survive the sweltering New Jersey heatwave? Find out as Eric Ho and AP kick off this episode of Whatcha’ Watchin’ with some rib-tickling humor before diving into their queue-ventures!

First up, The Acolyte, Episode 4 recap.

Actually, first up, Eric shares his thoughts on Episode 3 since he couldn’t make the last episode.

Okay, NOW on to The Acolyte, Episode 4.

Eric and AP try to unravel the mysteries behind some Clone War-era characters that make an appearance in this weeks The Acolyte, debunking common misconceptions and speculating on deeper narrative implications. They also dive into the significance of a mysterious character potentially linked to Darth Plagueis (AP has so much money riding on this one it’s crazy) and break down the term “acolyte” within the Star Wars universe.

For those curious about how these details fit into Emperor Palpatine’s rise to power, our discussion offers a must-hear analysis packed with theories and Easter eggs.

Ever wondered about the economics of horror film franchises? We bring you a riveting discussion on this topic, sparked by our review of “The First Omen” on Hulu. Check out the trailer.

Finally, Eric shares his thoughts on off-grid homesteading in Canada from a YouTube series, Wild Homestead. Check out episode one below and make sure you subscribe to his channel!

Would you give it all up to live off the grid in the woods?

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