James Gunn was targeted by Alt-Right groups in response to Rosanne firing

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Pollitics hit the MCU today, and they hit it HARD.

In case you have not heard, James Gunn has officially been fired by Disney and will not lead the way to the Cosmic MCU.

…and Disney was wrong to fire him.

I’m not defending what he said. Jokes about pedophilia and rape are disgusting. What he tweeted back in 2008 is indefensible. But Disney knew about these tweets before they hired him to direct GOTG, he apologized, he grew as a person, and he never repeated this behavior. He was given a second chance and thrived.

Then Roseanne got fired and Conservatives launched a war to take down anyone in Hollywood that spoke out against Trump.

Enter James Gunn, who is a very vocal and well spoken opponent to what’s going on in our nation right now.

Mike Cernovich led the charge and soon Fox, The Daily Caller, and other far right news outlets pushed out the BS they are so good at spinning and Disney bowed to it. Since they fired Rosanne then surely they must fire Gunn.

Here’s the difference between Rosanne and James Gunn:

Rosanne made mistakes in her past, was given a second chance, and chose to not change.

James Gunn made mistakes in his past, was given a second chance, and changed.

It’s also important to know, James Gun has NEVER been accused of pedophilia or rape. Repeat, there are ZERO allegations of sexual misconduct against James Gunn. 

Btw, who’s the pure soul that points to James Gunn’s tweets and finds them disgusting? Well here’s one of his:

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