Star Wars Battlefront 2 Updates Are A Comin’

Avatar photo Anthony Pizzuto6 years agon/a2 min

Oh goodie. The 12 year olds that kick my ass in Battlefront 2 are going to get some additional opportunities to do so as EA rolls out their roadmap for the remainder of the year! Some exciting game play changes have already been released over the past several months, and hot on the heels of the Solo season – we’re going to see some additional enhancements to the game mechanics and content.

This July we’re finally going to see some hero star-fighter action with a 4 on 4 PVP mode (I may finally get to learn how to fly the Falcon without crashing into space junk!). Game improvements include some mechanic changes like lightsaber bolt blocking uses stamina now, as well as users having the ability to power down their sabers.

What’s more exciting though is that we’re going to be getting some more Clone Wars era updates in the fall including a new Obi-Wan and Grievous hero, as well as some clone trooper appearance updates. And, wait for it… a new Geonosis map!

I’ll admit, it’s been awhile since I’ve powered up Battlefront 2, however after these updates, I may have to give it another whirl… and get my ass kicked again by 12 year olds who are way better at first person shooters than I’ll ever be.

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