Star Wars Battlefront 2 Updates Are A Comin’

Oh goodie. The 12 year olds that kick my ass in Battlefront 2 are going to get some additional opportunities to do so as EA rolls out their roadmap for the remainder of the year! Some exciting game play changes have already been released over the past several months, and hot on the heels of the Solo season – we’re going to see some additional enhancements to the game mechanics and content. This July we’re...

Who Want’s to be an Android?

Last week my gamer neighbor excitedly ran over to my driveway as I was pulling in after a long day to tell me all about this new demo in the Playstation store! After several years of living next to each other he knows what games I dig and what ones I don’t, and I’m so happy he brought this one to my attention. Detroit: Become Human, was released on May 25th and is the latest...

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