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Last week my gamer neighbor excitedly ran over to my driveway as I was pulling in after a long day to tell me all about this new demo in the Playstation store! After several years of living next to each other he knows what games I dig and what ones I don’t, and I’m so happy he brought this one to my attention.

Detroit: Become Human, was released on May 25th and is the latest title by Quantic Dream (the studio that brought us BEYOND: Two Souls™) and takes us on an adventure to help us, as the Playstation store puts it “…discover what it really means to be human in a powerful emotional journey made of choice and consequences.” In the vein of other decision based games, like my favorite “Until Dawn” you are presented with a series of decision points that affect the outcome of the scene and game.

From the PS Store:

Set in Detroit City during the year 2036, the city has been revitalized by the invention and introduction of Androids into everyday life. But when Androids start behaving as if they are alive, events begin to spin out of control. Step into the roles of the story’s pivotal three playable characters, each with unique perspectives as they face their new way of life.

In this ambitiously bending and thrilling narrative, every choice and action will not only determine the character’s fate, but that of the entire city and possibly beyond.

The demo opens on a hostage situation where an android goes wild and shoots up its host family; and you are fortunately put in the position of being the “negotiator”. The demo does a great job of tutorialing the actions and introducing the game mechanics which are pretty straight forward – you navigate through a crime scene and the more pieces of evidence you analyze, your chances of successfully negotiating with the android gone terrorist improves. There are myriad paths one can take in each scene, dictating what ending you’ll end up with. You could play the demo six times and have a different ending each time. It’s pretty awesome.

Overall, the demo was pretty quick and gave me just enough taste to convince my wife that I need to buy the full game. The graphics are astounding and the story is sure to be epic.

Check out the trailer:

Oh, and PS – there’s an Amazon Alexa skill that serves as a companion to the game where you can ask Alexa questions about the characters and events through the game to round out the experience. A first for me, and I can’t wait to explore how this augments my game play. Go Quantic Dream!

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