Keanu Reeves in Talks to Star in Airplane Disaster Movie

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American Treasure and my own personal Hollywood man crush Keanu Reeves is currently in talks with director Ruben Östlund to star in the upcoming, in-air disaster film The Entertainment System Is Down according to a recent article in Variety.

While the plot of the movie remains under wraps, based on the title alone you can only imagine that it has to have something to do with the entertainment system going down, causing passengers to actually sleep, read a real book or interact with their seatmates which, coming from someone who is on at least two airplanes every week, sounds like an absolute nightmare. So obviously I can’t wait to see this one!

Östlund’s most recent film the dark comedy, Triangle of Sadness was met with acclaim, being nominated for the 2023 Best Picture, Best Screenplay, and Directing Oscars. Triangle of Sadness itself is a disaster film, taking place on a ship that ends up getting taken out by a storm so Östlund is ripe to take his directing style and storytelling to the friendly (or unfriendly) skies.

While Reeves is figuring out whether or not to buy a ticket for this flight, he’s gearing up for Ballerina, the spinoff to the John Wick franchise where he appears opposite Ana de Armas. The two previously worked together in the sexy, Cinemax-esq thriller Knock Knock.

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