Cold Tapes: Winter Over; New Hybrid Podcast-Game Coming from Free Turn

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Deadline reported this morning that Free Turn Entertainment, producer of last year’s sci-fi/thriller Audible Original “The Salvation”, has partnered with Spotify to distribute Cold Tapes: Winter Over a new “true-crime style audio game set in the frozen and isolated world of an Antarctic winter” according to the report.

According to their Spotify podcast page:

Set against the backdrop of Antarctica’s six-month Winter Over, which is marked by perpetual darkness and isolation, our story delves into the intertwined lives and claustrophobic relationships of a small group of international scientists and crew stationed on a remote research base, Bowers Wilson.

In addition to the extreme conditions the research station crackles with sexual tension, unexplained mysterious psychotic events, hidden criminal pasts and strange global conspiracy theories, thrusting any wannabe detectives into a gripping narrative surrounding the mysterious death of 33-year-old behavioural scientist Andrew Fairfield. With only sixteen people left on the base, the murderer must be one of them.

Join the diligent and obsessive DCI Tessa McCallister, as she works around the clock to spearhead the police investigation from the UK and solve the murder from over 9,000 miles away.

What’s even better? If you correctly identify the murderer, you can enter a competition to have a chance of winning  a £10,000 ($12,500 USD) cash prize and the title of “British Super Sleuth 2024”, which will be handed out at Crime Con London 2024.

The podcast-game goes live April 15th. If you’re on Spotify, check them out here.

While I fancy myself a “gamer”, I’ve never done anything like this so I can’t wait to dive into this frozen world created by the team at Free Turn. Do you plan on playing? Let us know in the comments!

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