Keri Russell in Talks to Join Star Wars Episode 9 – and The Theories Begin

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The Hollywood Reporter and Variety have confirmed that Keri Russell (The Americans, Mission: Impossible 3 and I bet you didn’t know this but Married with Children and Boy Meets World) is in talks to join the cast of Star Wars: Episode IX. Director JJ Abrams is no stranger to Russell’s work as the two worked together on his hit series Felicity, as well as on Mission: Impossible 3.

All that we know right now is that the role will be involved “with action heavy-fight scenes”. Whatever that means.

Episode VIII spoiler ahead.

For those of you who have yet to unclench your sphincters from last year’s disappointing reveal that Rey’s parents are nobody, the fanbase is already kicking up the rumor mill – speculating that Russell will play Rey’s mother.

SMH – while I love that our community (whatever special brand of crazy it qualifies for) loves to dive into speculation and rumormongering, we are setting ourselves up for a year and a half of pent up wants and desires that may end up pushing a majority of the base over board (yes, I’m talking to you mofos that think you can remake The Last Jedi). For the sake of your friends and families – don’t speculate. Just enjoy the fact that a quality actress like Keri Russell is joining the ranks and leave it at that.

Let this be your warning. You all remember what happened last time.

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