DC Universe Streaming Service Coming This Fall

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DC and Warner Brothers announced today that it will be going into beta with its new streaming service this Fall and wow it sounds exciting! The platform will not only give users streaming access to films and television shows (as well as new content), but also digital access to a curated backlog of DC Universe comic books.

Check out the trailer!


The platform is supposed to be an immersive experience for fans, as well as a gateway drug for newbies who want to start diving into the expansive world of DC.

Creative chief Jim Lee describes it as:

“…a welcoming place for everyone to immerse themselves in their own level of DC fandom, with the epic characters, stories, and experiences they have come to expect from DC.”

This sounds like a great way to compliment each medium. Fans will be able to experience not only the 1980’s Superman, or Batman, but also – within the same eco system – read the comics that inspired the cinematic adventures! On top of it all, like all the streaming providers, fans are going to get access to new and exclusive content.

For those of you who went streaming in lieu of cable to save some money just saw your monthly entertainment bill go up a little. And you know what – as long as there’s legit content being produced for the streaming proletariat AND you’re getting a unique multi-medium (yes medium) experience then I say “take my money!”

Learn more and sign up for the beta here!

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