Predator 2018 Official Trailer. It’s Epic.

Avatar photo Geeky a Go Go6 years agon/a2 min

The Predator, one of our favorite 1980’s aliens is making a comeback to the big screen this September. A new trailer dropped yesterday, and boy does it look like a fun ride of a flick. Helmed by Shane Black (Iron Man 3, The Nice Guys), this relaunch of the franchise will explore new lore and introduce us to new creatures in the Predator universe.

While we’ve seen some pretty poor attempts of exploiting our teen years through the remake/relaunch of films and tv shows, the trailer for Predator looks like it may provide a balance between new and old, horror and comedy, action and adventure. September 14th is right around the corner – check back for our full review when it comes out! I’m going to remain optimistic that, while it’s not going to shatter the box office, it’ll still be a fun watch.

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