What’s on Our Workbench? Cosplay, Home Improvement and Pant Hems, Oh My! [Geeky a Go Go Podcast]

Avatar photo Geeky a Go Go4 months agon/a4 min

In this week’s geekstravaganza the boys share what’s on their bustling workbenches! Dive into the world of DIY as they navigate through model builds, cosplay, home improvement projects and working with the worlds blackest black paint (Yep, that’s a thing!).

Will AP finish his Millennium Falcon? Will Chris finally get his basement organized? Will Tim find the perfect flight suit for his Ghostbusters cosplay? And will Eric finally hem his wife’s pants? Find out this week!

What are we Watching?


Generation V on Amazon Prime


Drew Talbert on YouTube


True Detective, Season 4 on HBOMax

Masters of the Air on Apple TV+

Death and Other Details on Hulu

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