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Have you seen Creep?


Go see it and come back.

Okay, welcome back. Have you seen Creep 2??

Crap. Okay, go watch that now and come back…


Okay. Well, guess what… Mark Duplass possibly just teased that Creep 3 is currently being written! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he’s not messing with us right now!

Now, if you haven’t seen the film and its sequel (shame on you for ignoring my directions above) – the movie is about a reclusive guy who hires a filmmaker to follow him around while he narrates his life story… if that isn’t weird to start with, it just gets creepier as the film goes on. It’s a found footage extravaganza, and probably one of the better ones that we’ve seen in recent history. There’s a quiet discomfort that the film embodies that adds to the creep factor.

Seriously, check it out ASAP. Here’s the trailer to get you started:

And then you’ll get this:


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While we work on writing CREEP 3, please enjoy the world premiere of CREEP 2.5

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