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Anthony Pizzuto2 years ago174452 min

Are you kidding me?

Are the pools of ideas so dried up that we have to turn our beloved Beetlejuice into a Broadway musical? Is the Great White Way going to turn into the Great Black and White Striped Way?

Deadline reports that the 1988 Tim Burton comedy will be premiering at the Winter Garden Theatre in March 2019. Will I see it? Of course. Will I be annoyed that we can’t come up with an original musical idea to overcharge patrons of the arts? You bet your ass I will.

The show goes into out of town previews October 14th at the National Theatre in Washington, DC and will star (pre-Broadway) Alex Brightman (School of Rock, Wicked, Big Fish) as Beetlejuice and Sophia Anne Caruso (Smash and Sound of Music Live) as Lydia.

The one saving grace, and I’ll believe it when I see it, is according to the announcement the show will be“ruder, raunchier and frankly, more repellent than ever…” and “Parents Beware. Really F*S#&*G Explicit.”

Fingers crossed that’s not just marketing!

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