Sandlot prequel in development at Fox

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The Hollywood Reporter shared the news that a prequel to the Sandlot is in early development at 20th Century Fox. The nostalgia strumming film tells the story of a group of young kids who form a bond over the course of a summer playing ball, culminating into a crazy adventure to save a Babe Ruth signed ball that lands in the backyard of a cranky neighbor with a beast that eats kids (spoiler alert, it’s just a really big dog).

Original writer/director David Mickey Evans will be joining newcomer writer Austin Evans in bringing the prequel to the page.

Absolutely no details on the plot have been released yet, however since it’s a prequel to a story made up of preteens, I can only imagine that we’ll see cute babies playing the great American pastime. That was a joke. That’d be a really stupid movie. If Ham was here, he’d certainly be telling me “You’re killing me, Smalls!” right about now.

For a trip down memory lane, here’s the original Sandlot (1993) trailer:

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