Mark Hamill trolls Trump @SDCC dressed as Darth Orange

Avatar photo Geeky a Go Go6 years agon/a2 min

It’s no secret that there are a lot of celebrities that like to wonder the floors of the big cons incognito and later surprise fans on twitter when they post their photos.

Mark Hamill is pretty notorious for this and he used his Day 4 costume at SDCC this year to poke fun at President Trump.

Twitter user Brendan Bajillioz (@WillHunting562) got the surprise of a lifetime when he posted some pics of an Orange Darth Vader with a golf club light saber, wearing a golf shirt saying “MAKE THE DEATH STAR GREAT AGAIN”.

Mark Hamill is an outspoken critic of President Trump and if you’ve never heard he read Trump tweets in his Joker voice, then you need to click here.


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