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Acolyte Episode 5 Review, Ireland Adventures and More this Week on Whatcha’ Watchin’!

Ever wonder why Ireland is the fastest-growing country? Well, Nitro has the answer and he shares it in this week’s episode where he recounts his journey from the charming streets of Dublin to the historic city of Belfast and even spills the beans on spotting some iconic Star Wars filming locations. Alongside Eric Ho and Anthony Pizzuto, we dive into travel tales, picturesque landscapes, and film magic, all served with a side of witty banter...

The Acolyte Episode 3 Recap, Underwhelming Netflix Films and More This Week on Whatcha’ Watchin’

Nitro and AP are dining at the Scotchwood Diner in Scotch Plains, NJ this week kicking things off with some dad jokes and inappropriate commentary on Eric’s food poisoning. Nitro spills the beans on an unforgettable Ghostbusters Day event while AP recounts his work trip to beautiful St. John, New Brunswick before diving into some inspirational “go get ems” by Nitro to turn his AP’s home maintenance challenges, like those pesky decorative finials and rogue...

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