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While I’ve never been a huge Teen Titans fan, I’m more of Justice League Unlimited guy, I do appreciate the humor and whim of Teen Titans Go. Now, it’s no Teen Titans animated or even Young Justice, as my fellow DC fanatic friends tell me, but I’ve enjoyed every episode I’ve stumbled across. The show mocks everything, including itself. And the full length feature film has already given us a glimpse at it’s irreverent treatment...


DC and Warner Brothers announced today that it will be going into beta with its new streaming service this Fall and wow it sounds exciting! The platform will not only give users streaming access to films and television shows (as well as new content), but also digital access to a curated backlog of DC Universe comic books. Check out the trailer!   The platform is supposed to be an immersive experience for fans, as well...


Meet Bushmaster! A powerful adversary that can go blow for blow with Harlem’s hero, Luke Cage. Since we don’t know too much about him yet in the MCU, here’s what we know from the comics Quick info on Bushmaster in Marvel comics: Real Name: John McIver. Alisas: John Bushmaster, Bushmaster. Powers: Super strength, Power Absorption – He can absorb the powers of those around him. From: Unknown Caribbean Island. First Appearance: Iron Fist #15 Bushmaster...

Geeky a Go Go

Geeky a Go Go was the brain child of Anthony Pizzuto, and was really just a way for him to become a "micro influencer" and a way to boost his ego. It has since grown into a multi-headed alien from the Outer Rim - nowhere near as cool as The Nerdist, but pretty damn close.


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